Chris Poanmaji - 19th October 2012 

"I love the Motor Hospital always excellent service, very friendly and helpful. Great Job as always" 

Char Troian - 22nd October 2012 

"Polite & Perfect everytime"

Carol Shi - 22nd October 2012 

"Good customer service. Thanks."

Nick Quirk - 23rd October 2012 

"Awesome blokes and gals!"

Paul Batter - 23rd October 2012

"Thank you for your time and balanced advice. Very much appreciated. Thanks Motor Hospital. "

Janelle Douglas - 23rd October 2012 

"Very good service at the Motor Hospital, reasonable pricing & handy to leave vehicle to continue to work"

Elizabeth Jeffery - 23rd October 2012 

"Great service, Very polite, feel I can ask questions without feeling like an idiot"

Rodney Pratt - 24th October 2012 

"Great advice, very specific and spoke to me to help understand each thing that needed to get done"